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The territory

Campania is the cradle of pasta, where its origins and traditions lie. A site that is deeply rooted in the territory and preserves and enhances the high value of Made in Italy that J-MOMO has been exporting for many years worldwide with its exceptionally high quality frozen fresh pasta.

It is from here that we embarked on a research trip across the peninsula, where the original culture has spread over time and has become available in all the variations that make up the heritage of Italian fresh pasta.

Spreading the true Made in Italy and great Made in Italy is J-MOMO’s mission.

Caggiano – Salerno – Italy

2004 – It all began in 2004 in a laboratory of just 50 square metres. The laboratory had a production aimed at fresh pasta sold to retail.

2010 – Freezing was chosen as it the most suitable system for preserving a product that, due to its organoleptic properties, would not tolerate any preservative that would alter its flavour.

2016 J-MOMO launched its line of frozen ready meals onto the bar market. The frozen ready meals line was developed for the bar and catering market with our fresh pasta based on traditional recipes and made with premium quality ingredients found mainly in the region, while references to fresh pasta increased thanks to the contribution of numerous chefs who serve our products in Italy and abroad.

After two years a new production line of frozen sauces was put into operation.

J-MOMO stands for superior quality ready-made meals, innovative in the offer itself as well as in the great service content: an attractive looking cardboard tray which heats up in the microwave or in the oven in a few minutes and can be kept in the freezer for up to 18 months.