Frozen food and ready meals for bars, restaurants and catering facilities.

Our pasta is totally
hand-madejust as once

We make traditional pasta dishes with a modern twist using Italian flour and hand-selected produce. We make our pasta by hand or with the minimal use of machines.

Our approach allows us to make fresh frozen pasta dishes for restaurants dishes with guaranteed flavour, elasticity, and texture.

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In Caggiano, 828 meters above sea level, the spring water and the products of the earth for our pasta.

Frozen ready meals


Different types of pasta



Are you a professional restaurant chef? Contact us for any need.

Our Products

Are the result of the constant daily commitment of our master pasta makers and our chefs for the pursuit of excellence.

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We add value to your creativity

Our products are always available, as well as our chefs, to support you in your work every day. We work daily with many hospitality professionals in Italy and abroad.

Find out more about our corporate catering services

J-MOMO offers corporate catering solutions that can be fully customised to suit your needs, whether you intend to open a self-serve restaurant with I-EAT vending machines, run a corporate ready meal delivery service, or would like to open a restaurant with dedicated staff.


Tired of eating the same thing for lunch every day? Check out our line of corporate vending machines serving hot pasta, meat and fish dishes, all of which can be enjoyed almost immediately!

Corporate vending machines


Choose J-MOMO’s corporate catering services and enjoy a delicious hot meal for lunch at the office. Our customisable menu is ideal for business meetings, events and dinners.


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Our chefs can either prepare meals in your company canteen or deliver meals made on our premises. Choose the solution that best suits your needs!