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We collaborate with several restaurants and restaurateurs in Italy and abroad, exchanging advice on how to prepare frozen meals.

Our filled pasta is made in compliance with the best Italian traditions.

The collaboration has meant that each of our finished products has been tested many times before being delivered to the customer.

We have chosen exclusively Italian certified semolina, flour and eggs and we have studied the best combination to obtain flavour, taste, aroma, fragrance, elasticity and which keeps its firmness.

We have selected, thanks to intense research activity, small producers of Italian niche products who can produce the ingredients to be used in a modern and careful manner.
In particular, for many of our fillings we use cheeses, dried meats and selected dairy products. We have set up a small farm that guarantees us products which are always fresh and available and above all we can directly monitor the whole supply chain.

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Our natural preservative is a cold temperature. Applied immediately after an appropriate thermal stabilisation of the product: hot and cold applied skilfully and with modern technology.
This explains how the frozen products retain their original characteristics, remaining preserved for a long time and producing results as if they had just been made.