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J-MOMO’s short pasta can be combined with the most imaginative seasonings and sauces to satisfy the whole family. All pasta is made with the same ingredients and with the same production technique but we Italians are very demanding and imaginative. But even if made with the same ingredients, each shape is culturally or preferably linked to certain combinations, sometimes even single regions prefer and eat some pasta shapes more than others, even if we are all Italian. But we always choose spaghetti or linguine to pair with clam sauce, pipettes pasta is best with pea sauce so the peas can go inside the pasta, we choose bucatini for amatriciana sauce in Lazio and bucatini with coniglio (rabbit) all ‘ischitana in Campania (it goes without saying) and reginette pasta with tuna sauce. We have our Italian benchmarks when it comes to pasta. J-Momo’s pasta is slowly processed and bronze die extruded and made with Italian flour and spring water.