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The base of this recipe is the batter made with flour, water, salt and “criscito” or brewer’s yeast – which must be lump-free and very liquid – where cut vegetables, cleaned sweetbreads, “sponged” dry cod pieces (soaked in water that is replaced several times), thickened polenta squares, ricotta blended with salt and pepper or courgette flowers (without the hard pistil) are immersed. The mix fry is completed by the “zeppulelle”, small pieces of yeast-raised dough, crocchè (smaller than actual crocchè, and without mozzarella stuffing), small arancini called “rice balls” (breaded balls of boiled rice with peas or minced meat, and sometimes tomato sauce). Everything is fried in plenty of oil – which is changed very often – and served in a “cuoppo”, which also helps absorb excess frying oil.
Along with pizza, Neapolitan mix fry is the typical local street food sold to bystanders – who eat it while strolling around the city – and mentioned in countless cook books. It is very popular in Naples and its province, and it can be found in fried food shops, restaurants and pizzerias.