Fancy enjoying a top-quality lunch without having to go to a restaurant?

Discover I-EAT vending machines: automatic distributors of hot meals for businesses and offices.

Improve your working environment with a fully automated, high-quality catering service

Serve quality Italian meals at competitive prices and save on staffing costs

You can set up a company canteen, even if you're lacking space

No more monotonous lunch breaks or wasted time

Sell home-made dishes from a quality vending machine. We’re talking pasta, hot meals, sourdough pizza, and much more!

Ready meals

Antipasti, pasta, meat and fish dishes, home-cooked meals, vegetables, and fresh fruit


Fresh pasta, filled pasta, sourdough pizza, arancini and sushi

Sweet and savoury snacks

Fries, biscuits, brioche, energy bars, sweets, chocolate, and pastries

Soft drinks

Water, coca cola, orangeade, iced tea, fruit juices, milkshakes, smoothies, tea, coffee, cappuccinos, herbal teas, and hot chocolate

How our vending machines work

Use the multilingual touch screen to choose one of the many tasty options from the menu

Products are stored at -18°C and are heated upon request to the preferred temperature

After 2-3 minutes your favourite dish is served hot, with a paper napkin and fork

Whether you’re a small office or a large company, we have the solution for you

For offices
and small businesses

Suitable for spaces of at least 40sqm

The I-EAT vending machine is very simple to install. All you need is somewhere to put it and a power socket

Employees can pay with a company card, credit card or cash

You choose the type of food and drink to offer

For medium
and large companies

Suitable for large spaces

We can build a real canteen with furniture and accessories

We offer a wide range of products depending on the space available: ready meals, pizzas, pastries, salads, fish dishes, etc...

Employees will be provided with a card to access the services

Our machines are restocked by our team on a daily basis

Your very own easy-to-run self-service restaurant

Manage your own restaurant from home or on-the-go using dedicated IT software

Our software can be customised to meet your needs, from the interface to individual features

It can also be connected to payment systems via Android and iOS apps

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Mario R. February 22, 2021
I tried the ready meals in the office ... yummy! I tried the ready meals in particular the Genoese, which is not the typical dish of Genoa but a Neapolitan recipe based on meat and onion, I was amazed by the goodness, congratulations j momo.

    We will assist you in all phases of the installation of the vending machine, including setting up the company premises

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    Tailor-made solutions for you


    Suitable for companies with a certain number of employees. Employees can pay with a company card, credit card or cash

    Companies without a canteen

    Open a self-serve company canteen with J-MOMO vending machines and products. Employees can pay with a company card, credit card or cash

    Medium-sized companies

    We’ll set up the entire canteen with tables and chairs and a series of complementary accessories, allowing employees to choose from a wide range of products.

    Large companies

    Open a self-serve canteen that functions like a company restaurant. No staff required and products are supplied daily by J-MOMO’s I-Eat.

    The convenience of a self-serve canteen, the quality of a company restaurant

    • Traditional Italian dishes specially designed by our chefs.
    • we only use fresh produce made in Italy or on our farm.
    • Our fresh pasta is made by hand using top-quality local ingredients.
    • We make fresh pasta dishes (including vegan and vegetarian), meat and fish dishes, and handmade sourdough pizza cooked in wood ovens.