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J-MOMO produces pasta in Private Label in Italy and around the world, providing valuable products that can be sold in specialty stores, markets and restaurants sector.

With our Private label pasta, you can put your signature!

You would like to make your own product?

You have an idea for a new type of pasta, ingredients, forms and particular colors, but do not know how to achieve it?

We J-MOMO will help you. Our expert team of product development will help you create a recipe, or use the formula you already have in mind.

Send us your idea and we will put at your disposal all our experience in the production and freezing of pasta first courses, the high quality of our products and all of our direct contacts with producers.

You will have guaranteed the best ingredients on the market.

We at J-MOMO will ensure the full cooperation and will follow you step by step. In this way you can participate directly in the realization of your idea, with full access to all stages of production:

1. Our agency dedicated to private label pasta will work closely with you to get all the necessary information to start the process of development of your product;

2. Our product development team will seek to agree with you a line of development according to your needs before you start the actual production;

3. Using a recipe provided by you, or helping you make one, our team will create a product test that will be evaluated and approved by you. You will receive different tests in which you can make any changes necessary to ensure that the product reflects exactly your idea of ​​pasta;

4. Once you have approved the formula, our team will provide you with prices, ingredients and nutritional values;

5. We will help in the design of the label, so as to guarantee that all food safety regulations will be considered;

6. Last phase, we will evaluate the product specifications and discuss all the latest aspects of production. Once the labels are ready, we can start the actual production of your pasta.

Then send us your recipe or your idea and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to start collaboration

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