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Sea, countryside and mountains: this range of J-MOMO’s first course ready meals has everything you could wish for, there is a love for nature and for good food. With J-MOMO’s ready-to-eat frozen first courses, you will only find seasonal products, the best pasta and the most exclusive seasonings. If you have a bar, a hotel and you do not have a restaurant or if you just want to have a nice dinner and you do not have time to prepare your dinner, take a first course prepared by J-Momo out of your freezer and heat it in the oven for 15 minutes or in a microwave and you will see it won’t feel like a frozen ready meal. Every day our chefs test new recipes and new ideas are brought into our kitchens with an eye to tradition and creativity. Only like this does J-MOMO manage to give his dishes the passion and love we all have of j-Momo at the table.