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J.Momo’s fresh pasta is the best that fresh pasta can offer. We start from the dough made without machines, exclusively handmade by our pastry makers who, with a rolling pin, stretch the dough until it becomes so thin, it verges on transparency. Ravioli filled with carefully selected ingredients, gnocchi, cavatelli, fileja calabrese and Neapolitan fusilli made just like in the good old days. The art of handmade pasta is handed down by our pastry makers from generation to generation without ever changing the actions. Fresh pasta made with a rolling pin is a unique product that can satisfy the most demanding palates. The flavours of the past, those that remind us of childhood and our grandmothers, are also subject to craftsmanship, prepared with the utmost care, and taking the right amount of time, without haste. Fresh, handmade pasta is the greatest pride of our pasta factory, a tradition that we carry forward with infinite passion. And cooking is a constantly evolving process, we are always attentive to tradition, but always with a pinch of innovation. Filled “classics” are thus merged with more original and creative fillings.