A wide selection of traditional and creative recipes, all made with selected ingredients (often with PDO and PGI products), ready to eat right away or after a few minutes on the grill. This is the new range of snacks and sandwiches for vending machines by J-MOMO.

A range with over 50 products, including traditional snacks, vegan and vegetarian sandwiches and piadine, all made with high quality ingredients, bread and stuffing.

Selected and tasty cold cuts and cheeses from all over Italy, and many different types of bread, made with Senatore Cappelli flour or stone-ground flour from small mills.

Everything is 100% Italian, in keeping with tradition, like the panuozzo di Gragnano and the Puccia salentina, or gourmet sandwiches where J-MOMO chefs express all their creativity.

All products are packaged with the ATM method in high protective barrier recyclable PET.

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