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Many of the dishes that make Italy a culinary hotbed are rooted in Bolognese kitchens: tortellini, tortelloni, tagliatelle and lasagne. But all these products have a common denominator: the pastry dough, that is, the main ingredient. Thin or thick, rough or smooth .., the variations are endless, just like our grandmothers are, but the starting ingredients are always the same, and there are only two of them: quite simply, flour and eggs. “A woman who knows how to make perfect pasta has prestige that even today resists any other call of the times” (Sophia Loren). These are the pastry makers, the women who prepare fresh pasta as a profession, guarding the secrets of our cooking, keeping a tradition alive of genuine and artisan flavours. And although modern life is frenetic, tradition is always well preserved in J.MOMO.