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Frozen ready mealsfor bars and catering. THE TASTE OF THE TRADITION

We use the best recipes of Italian tradition in our ready meals. So many first course recipes, lasagne and main course meat-based dishes. In single portion packaging and catering.

SAVOUR THE TRADITIONAL FLAVOURS of our frozen ready meals for bars and catering facilities.

We offer the best traditional Italian recipes in our ready meals. Lots of recipes for first courses, lasagna and meat main courses. In single-portion and catering packs.

A wide range of recipes, created thanks to the experience of our chefs, scrupulously following traditional Italian recipes, using only raw materials of Italian origin or produced by our agricultural company.

A complete range of Italian frozen ready meals for fast food establishments, catering, bars and cafés consisting of:

Ready in a few minutes in the oven or microwave, perfect and with a unique taste, unmistakable, from Italian tradition and inspired by the best gastro recipes. With simple and fast packagingdesigned specifically for those who have little time available. Single-portion or catering packages, from 150g to 1kg to 2kg.

Ready in a few minutes and without the addition of any preservatives to maintain the flavour and guarantee a product which is always fresh.

Our natural preservative is a cold temperature, skilfully applied using technology. We freeze the product using the IQF method, our preferred system which can protect all the organoleptic qualities of the fresh product more effectively than all other systems.

Frozen ready meals by J-MOMO. The ideal solution for fast food, ready meals made according to old traditions.