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Carrots grown in Polignano

Carrots grown in Polignano range in color from pale yellow to deep orange to dark purple. The carrot seeds are still selected by the growers, so the carrots do not have the standard orange color dictated by the seed industry. Every year, the growers select the best plants, plant them out in small, separate plots and choose the seeds of the healthiest plants. These are then replanted between August 15 and September 15. Apart from their distinctive colors, these carrots also have an extraordinary flavor. The fields, generally quite sandy, have a fairly high salinity, which is increased by irrigation with brackish water. This makes the carrots particularly flavorful.

The revival and promotion of the vegetable is essential to the survival of centuries-old traditions linked to cultivation and seed-preservation techniques, which have been guarded by the local families for generations. It will also help the growers, who currently sell the carrots to wholesalers at ridiculous prices given the value of the product, or at the local market, which is mostly visited by tourists.

Production area
Polignano a Mare, Bari Province

Presidium supported by
Puglia Regional Department of Food and Agricultural Resources