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j-momo dried pasta

J-MOMO Dried pasta

Traditional shapes of classic Mediterranean cuisine with dry pasta from J-MOMO. Short bronze die pastas and laminated pasta dried in chambers.

All dried slowly at a low temperature, to maintain all the typical characteristics of artisanal production. With some particularities, J-MOMO has focused on the appearance because a first course prepared with j-MOMO pasta must be unique and incomparable. Tradition, pasta in traditional regional formats such as busiata from Trapani or gnocchetto from Bari, Neapolitan smooth or striped paccheri, scrupulously produced according to local traditions and with excellent ingredients such as flour milled with Sicilian, Pugliese and Campania stone.

In our factory, pasta is made by transforming durum wheat semolina into dried pasta. Ours is a product of the highest quality, constant over time and with equal cooking times even using the different pasta shapes; a product that stands out from other companies, with taste and fragrance and above all, from its taste and appearance, our product is recognised that the tradition of making pasta is just like” the way it used to be”.

The use of local raw material, suppliers of raw material located in the territory because all the raw materials used can avoid problems due to transport and storage. The benefits of our dried, bronze die pasta and which is reflected in the quality of our dried, bronze die pasta, giving it quality and incomparable organoleptic characteristics.

For centuries, our territory has been devoted to the production of excellent pasta and the tradition of making good pasta. As well as eating it, we have it in our DNA. Our dried, bronze die pasta, we are a little selfish so we eat it first and then we give it to others.