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Silvia Brandi Masterchef Portugal

Silvia Brandi from Masterchef Portugal uses our pasta.

Roman architet, 43 years old, married with two children. In 2011 she left Italy and moved to Portugal with her whole family. She lives in Ericeira, a world surf reserve, a popular destination for athletes from all over the world. Her great passion for cooking led her to enroll in the famous MasterChef Portugal program, and her husband Alessandro followed her on her adventure. Together they begun the difficult path of selection among more than 2600 aspirants. Alessandro arrived 16th  and Silvia continued the challenge to the sound of roller and macaroni. The competitor was winning many of the tests, often arriving first, but could not escape the elimination one (there were eight in total) beating the Portuguese record. She left the program in 6th place, with great public success, thanks to her sympathy that allowed her to enter the heart of the Portuguese who call her in a nice way “Mamma Mia”.