We have been proudly producing Private Labels

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We have been proudly producing Private Labels

We have been proudly producing Private Labels for many Partners worldwide for over 30 years.

J-MOMO is proud of its century long tradition of durum wheat semolina pasta making, a tradition that brought us today to be one of the very few pasta factories with a vertically integrated production system..

Our know-how spreads through a careful selection of raw material sto the making of the final product, from the personalized pre and post purchasing assistance to the choice of packaging types, guaranteeing absolute control over quality and traceability.. This allows us to offer our business partners not only top quality products but also an extraordinary reliability.

Many Partners have entrusted J-MOMO for the production of their owned Private Labels. We are proud to produce for many leading pasta companies as well as for some of the most important Retails from Europe to North America.

We can offer our Partners a large variety of products and hundreds of pasta shapes to chose from: our lines include Traditional Durum Wheat Semolina, Organic, Whole Wheat Organic, Whole Wheat and Biodynamic Pasta.

For further information on business partnerships, please contact our team through the form here on the right.