Pisciotta, Cilento: menaica anchovies

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menaica anchovies

Pisciotta, Cilento: menaica anchovies

The ancient fishing technique known as “menaica” was once common along all the Mediterranean coasts, but now survives in just a few places in Italy. One is Cilento, particularly Marina di Pisciotta, a small village along the coast between Velia and Capo Palinuro. As night falls, the fishers take out their boats and nets, both called menaica or menaide. The nets are spread out to block the path of the anchovies. The size of the holes in the nets ensure that only the biggest fish are caught. Fresh anchovies can be bought directly from the fishers when they return to port in the early morning.

The anchovies are fished during the spring and summer, from March until August