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Sicilian rice arancine: without doubt Sicily’s most famous recipe. Sicily was the first Italian region to have rice crops imported at the time by the Arabs.

In fact, arancine originated during the period of Saracen domination in Sicily, when a rich tray of saffron flavoured rice, seasoned with vegetables and meat was placed at the centre of the table during banquets.

With its Le arancine range, J-MOMO wanted to make a tribute to Sicily as one of the most beautiful and fascinating regions of Italy.

Delicious balls of stuffed rice, wrapped in crispy breadcrumbs, which have baptised street-food for centuries.

J-MOMO’s Sicilian rice arancine are made entirely by hand and frozen following the original Sicilian recipe. Sicilian rice arancine are one of the most famous recipes of Sicily.

The classics are stuffed with meat sauce and mozzarella, but J-MOMO has played around with other flavours, all very special which you can only discover by tasting, from classic shapes, to balls, to cones.

The high-quality ingredients, the original recipes to make j-MOMO Sicilian rice arancini are the basis of our production.

We want to give Italians the excellence of Italian gastronomy and food production so that everyone can taste and enjoy the best food which our peninsula offers.

Ideal for frozen ready meals for bars and for catering.