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J-MOMO Fried Range has been created to offer top-quality typical Italian fry food. We select our ingredients carefully, and lovingly prepare our dough and choose the best cooking method. We create the perfect combination between Italian culinary tradition and street food, all paired with a pleasant visual, for both senses and heart.
We spread our philosophy in perfect street food style. With the Frozen Fried Food Shop range, we change the way people see street food: we share our love for food and attention to quality with our customers.

For our Fried Dishes, we carefully select only the best ingredients. The ingredients are all processed by hand. The dough – made with our secret recipe – makes our products unique.

After being processed, our products are blast chilled to preserve their organoleptic and quality standards. Then, the cooking process is completed while carefully preserving the cold chain, to offer the fastest and high-quality service possible. The product selection, preparation and service methods we chose allow us to comply with all current HACCP regulations.

J-MOMO Frozen Deli range is produced with the best ingredients from our farm and from suppliers that ensure only the highest quality standards.

J-MOMO Finger Foods. Ideal for pairings with cocktails in bars, restaurants or at home for a lunch or dinner with friends. All products are pre-fried; just cook them in the microwave or oven for a few minutes, and serve them hot, as if freshly made.