J-MOMO offers fresh vegetable products that are always ready for the best restaurants.

J-MOMO, the specialist in catering supplies, has created a line of fresh vegetable products, always ready for use and packaged in a protected atmosphere. These fresh vegetables are indispensable for restaurateurs and all professionals in the sector who want to offer quality, choice and freshness to their customers. The line has a comprehensive range of products from Neapolitan broccoli to Tuscan black cabbage. After the success of the ready and frozen vegetables line, here is the line of fresh vegetables that after an initial preliminary processing (selection, washing, cutting, peeling) are precooked, sterilised and vacuum-packed (medium-long storage) or steam-cooked, grilled or boiled and stored in a protective atmosphere (perishable produce).

Fresh vegetables for the catering industry.

The fresh vegetable products from the J-MOMO line are packaged in a practical and innovative tray that keeps the freshness and nutritional properties of the vegetables intact. Boiled directly with just water, they retain their original flavour, since no seasoning and flavouring is used in the process. Every chef and cook can season everything to his liking and use them as ingredients for his recipes. But the freshness is such that it can also be served as a quick and natural side dish. Given the methods used, the quality of J-MOMO fresh vegetables remains unchanged for 30 days stored in the fridge. Because true goodness does not require preservatives.