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From today, you can enjoy our pasta specialties and frozen ready meals even in our Vending Machines.

We have studied and created Italian automatic vending machines FOR PASTA AND READY MEALS that can conserve the product in optimal conditions until consumed and serve it hot, as if it were just made. With the guarantee of J-MOMO assistance 24 hours a day.

We won’t give you the usual cold sandwich but a complete meal like in a restaurant and above all a 100% Italian menu with J-MOMO that has always used all Italian ingredients and creativity when preparing every single recipe.

The J-MOMO Vending Machine, is an innovative machine that allows you, in a short amount of time, to have all J-MOMO products ready to eat anywhere. The Vending Machine has a freezing zone at -18 degrees, where the product is stored and a built-in microwave oven. It just takes 2-3 minutes to get your favourite meal in any public or private place such as offices, canteens, underground stations, train stations and at any time of the day. A kit with a paper fork and napkin is attached to each individual product delivery from the machine. The operation is very simple thanks to an easy-to-understand touch screen, with a multilingual route, which allows individual consumers to choose their favourite product and the further range of J-MOMO frozen single-portion meals.


If you have a company, a hotel or a simple B & B and you want your employees or your customers to be satisfied at lunchtime or dinner, don’t hesitate, contact J-MOMO for a vending machine in your company.