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Tomato pulp, tomato sauce, canned vegetables and all the other J-MOMO products bring the authenticity of true Italian tomatoes – just like our San Marzano or Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato sauce – to your table. Tasty, natural, flavourful and perfect for every recipe, J-MOMO products give all foodies the chance to prepare simple, authentic and tasty dishes, or fancier international tomato-based recipes.

Every ingredient we choose in our kitchen is an act of love for the people we want to share them with. J-MOMO has been putting the same passion in harvesting the best Italian tomatoes, cultivated and selected by dozens of farms in our supply chain, while respecting the environment and the health of our customers.

Canned vegetables. Tradition, quality and competence. We transform the products of our land by following the entire chain, starting from the seeds.

Our ranges are packaged in glass containers, just like in the old days; it is a return to rural tradition that preserved vegetables in glass containers to have them available all year round.

By adopting advanced production techniques and great little preservation secrets, we keep the “Sapori Originali” (original taste) unaffected over time, tickling the palate of consumers that are increasingly guided by the best flavours.