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All our tradition brought to J-MOMO frozen ready meals.

For J-MOMO, cooking is a gesture of affection and attention. We always do it with passion and, thanks to our experience, every day we bring these emotions to the tables of those who love to rediscover all the flavour of traditional Italian cuisine.

We prepare frozen ready meals following the ancient traditions and ancient recipes of the past. Ideal for quick lunches or for catering, bars, restaurants, and activities that require fast, ready-made lunches that are easy to prepare, available in single-portion or multi-portion formats, always ready to use and available when required.

J-MOMO puts the same passion in to its frozen ready meals as it does in to producing fresh frozen pasta using the best ingredients that the Italian agro-food industry offers and respect for traditions in its preparation. Original recipes created for the home or the fast food sector, just a few minutes in the oven and the dish is ready, practical and fast.

J-MOMO uses the IQF system to deep-freeze frozen ready meals, which ensures that all the organoleptic properties of the ingredients remain unaltered.

And using this system, the J-MOMO laboratory creates gnocchi alla sorrentina, lasagna alla Neapolitan, aubergine parmigiana and many more dishes.

J-MOMO frozen ready meals, cooked according to traditional recipes, from ingredients selected at origin and by small niche producers all concentrated within the territory, from San Marzano tomatoes to fiordilatte cheese from the Sorrento Peninsula and the creativity of our chefs.

All this results in J-MOMO frozen ready meals that are a delight for the palate because they ensure that all the flavours and colours of traditional dishes of the past remain the same. Just a few minutes in the oven and they are ready.