From J-MOMO creativity, a Red Shrimp raviolo from Mazara del Vallo

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ed Shrimp raviolo from Mazara del Vallo

From J-MOMO creativity, a Red Shrimp raviolo from Mazara del Vallo

From J-MOMO creativity, a Red Shrimp raviolo from Mazara del Vallo


When tradition and quality meet sophistication and taste: a combination of flavours that can astound even the most demanding palates.


A new and great creation in J-MOMO house, a raviolo that represents at best the Mediterranean cuisine, which is so appreciated al lover the World: the red shrimp ravioli from Mazara del Vallo.

From ac accurate search of J-MOMO chefs, is born a premium quality one and one without eggs. The result is a delicate pasta, porous at the right point and perfect to retain all dressings.

For the Company, maintaining the tradition alive is an essential element, so much so that all productions are created almost entirely by hand, avoiding as far as possible to use industrial machinery. This is possible thanks to the excellence of the pasta masters, who select with care the best raw materials with which create their recipes.

J-Momo springs up from nearby Naples sea and tank to the passion passed from generations, has created a fresh pasta line dedicated to the love for the sea. The simplicity of pasta, that has always been considered a versatile basic food for wonderful dishes, meets up with the deliciousness of catch fish. This way is born a line entirely dedicated to this meeting of flavours.

So among these it does not get unnoticed the red shrimp raviolo from Mazara del Vallo, a sophisticated dish of high value, that fits very well with various types of dressings. The raviolo combines very well with a simple fresh tomatoes sauce, but also with more marked flavours, like fish and citruses ragù.

Mazara red shrimp: an excellence product


This crustacean is  caught in the untouched waters of the Mediterranean Sea, among the wonderful Sicily and North Africa, at a depth of about 500 and 1000 meters. Soon as caught, after a first accurate selection, the shrimp is frozen at a temperature of -50°C. This allow to preserve its freshness and preserve the high quality of this raw material.

A further selection happens tank to the J-Momo chefs, a team of professionals with many years of experience. Only after such procedure, the red shrimp from Mazara del Vallo, transforms into a succulent filling that will make these ravioli really unique.

Because of its origin, it is funny the name it received in Sicilian slang: the ammaru russu. This name comes from its colour, which is really characteristic.ed Shrimp raviolo


A highly valued and loved product in the landscape of the Italian cuisine, but not only there. Even international chefs do appreciate the quality of this product and its versatility in the kitchen.

There are three categories of red shrimps: raw, coke and plus, with variations of tones, colour and taste.

But it is not just a delicacy for the palate, the red shrimp from Mazara del Vallo, is characterised also by its organoleptic properties, ideal for a full credit Mediterranean diet. What does it contain from a nutritional standpoint, that is so important? First of all proteins, but also unsaturated fats, besides having a low amount of calories and, just like other crustaceans, calcium and vitamins.


A unique product that is able to astound for the delicacy of its flavours, the processing of home made pasta happens like it did in old times and the high quality that J- MOMO is using in looking for fresh and high value raw materials.


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