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J-MOMO Food service is specialized in the production of frozen food and frozen dishes and is a partner of the best catering companies, of high quality catering and is present in some specialized shops in Italy and abroad.

The fresh frozen pasta and frozen ready meals of J-MOMO have a specialized packaging for sale and retail.

J-MOMO Food service, it was among the forerunners to believe in the service of professional catering and still holds a leading role.

Over the years, he has found an innovative product, linked to the Italian food tradition, innovative and diversified solutions for the various types of needs in all the catering sectors.

Through the ability to interpret the dynamics of modern distribution and to anticipate consumption needs, we have achieved excellent levels of service both for the wide selection of the best products on the market, and for the possibility of groupage supply with shipping from our laboratory.

Thanks to modern technology and the care we apply in every phase of distribution, we guarantee to reach every day a large number of customers with our fresh, frozen products of great quality and with an excellent quality / price ratio.

The logistic system of the J-MOMO Food service allows the guaranteed delivery of every kind of food, within 24/48 hours of its preparation, throughout the national territory, in the main European Community countries and in Switzerland.
The direct logistics provides for the delivery of goods, from the freshest to the frozen through specific refrigerated vehicles and dedicated logistics platforms.

Controlled temperature

In a single order we deliver different types of food thanks to a transport system designed to preserve the quality of the products.

The Food Service of our company has studied and packaged food products for the shipment of delicate food products such as fresh and frozen.
Thanks to this innovative delivery method, J-MOMO ensures a capillary coverage of the territory, even where its refrigerated vehicles can not reach. To guarantee this service, the company is at the service of the main national and international carriers.

The amount and type of ice are available according to the needs of product storage and outdoor temperature.